Akamai :: Real-time Web Monitor

Akamai monitors global Internet conditions around the clock. With this real-time data we identify the global regions with the greatest attack traffic, cities with the slowest Web connections (latency), and geographic areas with the most Web traffic (traffic density).

AnubisNetworks :: Cyberfeed

Live global botnet visualizer

Arbor Networks :: Digital Attack Map

Top daily DDoS attacks worldwide

Computer Network Defense Ltd. :: Security Wizardry Radar

The "Computer Network Defence Operational Picture", better known as The Radar Page has proved extremely popular, especially during periods of heightened tension where we experience hit rates of 12K/hour. It is a useful resource that illustrates all of the latest Information Security Threats and News, updated by staff in Europe and the US. The Radar Page is always complete with live information as it develops.

Deutsche Telekom :: Current Cyber Attacks

This Portal shows statistics of the early warning system of Deutsche Telekom. The corresponding sensors are operated from Deutsche Telekom and Partners. Attacks on the different sensors (Honeypots) will be displayed in realtime on the world map. Additionally the countries are marked in relation of the overall number of attacks.

Honeynet Project :: HoneyMap

Kaspersky :: CyberThreat Real-Time Map

Norse Corp :: Dark Intelligence

Recorded Future :: Cyber Crime Speculation

Cyber crime speculation and key dates the rest of the year.

Sophos :: Threat Dashboard

Our SophosLabs analysts monitor and research malware, spam and web threats as they happen, around the globe. We collect what we know in these dashboards, and update them constantly as we detect new threats. You'll find threats itemized by country, volume and prevalence.

Trend Micro :: Global Botnet Threat Activity Map

Trend Micro continuously monitors malicious network activities to identify command-and-control (C&C) servers and help increase protection against botnet attacks. The real-time map below indicates the locations of C&C servers and victimized computers they control that have been discovered in the previous six hours.